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swan queen || so does this make us both the other woman? (Fanfiction Trailer)

A trailer for this fic.


Amy and Sarah filming S4 Title Sequence on Park Ave/Pershing Sq and E. 41st St.  Check out the flip flops on Sarah!

3.19 Most Likely to…

Michael, Amy & Sarah BTS on POI set for SE, 305, 405, Prophets

Spoiler, top pic Michael & Amy, bottom pic Sarah & Director Ken Fink

(credit to Marie-Pierre on twitter)



The actual scene.


3.20 Death Benefit

Well, they don’t seem to shy away from the innuendoes. You know, at the beginning, when it started, I always felt that Root liked Shaw and admires her and thinks that she’s totally cool and badass and just thinks that she’s awesome and … then her way of sort of controlling Shaw is to flirt with her because she knows that Shaw hates it. But then I don’t know, it seems that at some point she actually started really maybe liking her more than … now it’s like she’s pretending that she’s joking but she’s not really.
Amy Acker at Dragon Con, answering a fan’s question on what is going on between Root and Shaw [x] (via samsgroves)
lost girl s5 promo (x)

Lost Girl FanEx Season 5 Preview (x)